Looking for more facts and details? Here you can find all necessary information about AddressPro.

Geocoding is the process of producing the GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the entered physical address. 

This is the process of submitting an address to Anchor’s Cloud API which in turn returns the address validation information via the Amazon Cloud. This information allows the user to ensure proper delivery of the mail pieces.

This is the process in which Anchor takes the input information and makes the address uniform to the USPS® desired standards. The USPS defines a standardized address as “one that has all the address elements necessary to allow an exact match with the current Postal Service ZIP+4® and City State files to obtain the finest level of ZIP+4 and delivery point codes for the delivery address.”

This is the process of verifying a mailing address against Anchor’s USPS® authoritative database to ensure that the address is correct. If Anchor finds a match to the address, then the address validates. This type of validation provides the user the comfort of knowing that the address is a real location. If there is not a match then the address is marked as invalid. 

To access your SOAP or REST connectivity credentials you first must become an Anchor Software customer by purchasing AddressPro from the Amazon Market Place. Upon completion of the purchase, the customer is redirected to the Anchor Customer Portal, where the user will create a unique login to gain access to their Anchor Software account. Once logged into the Anchor Customer Portal the user can click on the My Profile header at the top of the page, where they are redirected to their personal profile page that contains their custom connectivity credentials.

Curious about something? The following are answers to the most common questions.

DPV® is the process of verifying that an address is deliverable, which will allow mail to be sent to that address. Anchor’s AddresPro API will check the address against a specific database, and if there is a match then the API will validate the address, therefore making it a deliverable address.  If there is not a match then the mail may not be delivered to this address. 

The RDI™ feature provides customers with the delivery type classification of an address, this allows the customer to make an informed shipping decision by determining if an address is either residential or business. 

A Postal Code is a string of numbers that aid the postal service in determining where a piece of mail is being delivered to. The actual postal code provides the postman with delivery jurisdictions information, each delivery point will fall under a jurisdiction.

Are you interested in testing out Anchor's AddressPro Cloud API before making a commitment on the Amazon Market Place? Check out our Demo page where the user can enter an address and receive real-time address validation information returned. Like what you see, then check us out on the Amazon Market Place.